the capital of european civilizations

A metropolis filled with the atmosphere of antiquity. A European capital that holds its history from the distant past. A city that combines pomp and simplicity, modernity and tradition. Athens is a place that enchants at first sight and stays in memory with a splash of bright colors. The intertwining of old quarters and new buildings introduces the traveller to another side of the city that everyone seems to know everything about.

Athens is enchanting. Athens has a variety of images which change with every step through the streets of the Greek capital, a mingling of peoples and eras, a coming together of the seemingly distant and fascinating, and a desire to return to discover the metropolis all over again.

Tourists who have visited Athens note its contrasts at a glance. The Greek capital is steeped in history at every turn, steeped in mystery, steeped in the secrets of the millennia. The majestic Acropolis, floating above the city, combines cultic, sculptural and religious structures. Otherwise known as Kekropia, after the first king of Athens, Kekrops, who founded the site. Constant conquests, reconstructions and demolitions have changed the image of the Acropolis. However, even today the monument of architectural art still rises above the capital of the ancient state.

The snow-white Parthenon is the main temple of Athens of antiquity. It was built in honour of Attica, the patron goddess of Attica. The monument of architecture of the V century BC is made entirely of marble. The structure is badly damaged and restoration work is being carried out.
The marble temple of Hephaestus has managed to retain its original appearance in perfect condition. The roof has been restored, but the monument of ancient Greek architecture is still strikingly pompous.
Athena is ready to amaze not only with its antiquity. Its proximity to the sea is a paradise for the summer visitor. A half hour trip by public transport and the Athenian Riviera offers escape from the heat and a gentle breeze. The Greek capital is unique among the major European cities in that you can only go to the beach without leaving the metropolis.

Numerous free beaches, organized places for relaxation are scattered a few kilometres from the centre of Athens. Cape Sounion and the Saronic Gulf offer a relaxing escape for the weary traveller from the hustle and bustle of a bustling city.

A top-notch resort infrastructure makes for a comfortable holiday, tailored to the needs of the traveller. The beaches of Attica with their incredible Beaches are not the only virtue of the Attica Riviera. This place provides opportunities for all kinds of outdoor activities, sports, walks on water or land. Such diversity will make for a fulfilling, colourful holiday, and memories of it will be preserved in a vivid film of events.

For long walks on the Riviera the necessary conditions are created: cafes, restaurants, clubs, moving with the onset of summer to the sea, shopping centres with shops for all tastes and wallets. Picturesque coves, gentle sea, sparkling sunshine - Athens captivates tourists from all corners of the world.
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