the isladn of sant Spiridon
The island of Corfu attracts visitors with its wonderful combination of Western service and Greek identity. Corfu is a holiday destination for the more respectable and offers an inexhaustible selection of things to do and see. Diving enthusiasts, sun worshippers, golfers, horse riders, tennis players, clubbers, culture buffs and families with children can all be found here. Many people are attracted not only by its value for money, but also by its musical nature, with constant Philharmonic concerts, brass bands, and countless festivals, which make the island a focal point for festivals, but without disturbing the magical tranquility and romance.
The island is literally drenched in flowers, beckoning with the beauty of mountains, picturesque rivers and lakes, lagoons and bays. Corfu is a place full of olive groves and citrus orchards. The island's landscape was once a captivating experience for the great literary writer Oscar Wilde and the painter Alfred Sisley. It also features in the works of Homer. Many Greek myths are associated with Corfu and its name is named after the nymph, whose beauty could not resist the lord of waters, Poseidon himself.
Corfu excursions also reveal a history of the island full of twists and turns. All nations have crossed over as masters, from the Romans, Normans, French and English, to the Russians. This has had a strong influence on the architecture and lifestyle of the islanders and explains the extraordinary "mosaic" culture of the island, most noticeable in its main town, Corfu (also called Corfu Kerkyra by the locals). One of the most attractive seaside towns on the Mediterranean, blending snow-white Byzantine temples and austere medieval Roman fortresses, Venetian ports and Greek palaces. These diverse architectural elements, preserved as a reminder of the city's rich history, create its unique character and beauty. The beauty of the city lies in the fact that it is built on a narrow strip of land jutting out into the sea.
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