Even if you get to heaven, you'll still go back to Crete

Picturesque, enchanting, magical, magnificent... These are the words used by tourists who have visited Crete. This island is a traveler's dream. A piece of land with 8 thousand square kilometres, it holds majestic mountains, cities whose history goes back centuries, azure waves of the sea and beautiful beaches. Crete is famous for its unique museums and exhibition centres. The gorges of the ancient Greek mythology attract not only history buffs, but also people who want to admire the natural beauty of the island. Comfortable hotels with everything you need for a perfect holiday, a pleasant mild Mediterranean climate, delicious local food, Greek traditions of the people of Crete and sincere hospitality are the reasons why not only tourists, but also Greeks come to Crete for many years. As the largest island of Greece, Crete has the longest coastline. This is why more than 1000 kilometres of beautiful beaches and promenades await visitors.
The infrastructure is so varied that you can easily find an activity to your liking. Crete welcomes both those who stay in luxury hotels, and those who spend their holidays in small campsites or hostels. The main tourist area is the northern coast of the island. The south side of Crete is perfect for a secluded holiday, away from the hustle and bustle of the millions of travelers that come here on their holidays. The deserted beaches are ideal for a holiday spent alone or with your significant other.
Life in Crete is tranquil, unhurried and relaxed. There is harmony and serenity here. From the first day you should let go of the hustle and bustle of a visiting tourist, feel the atmosphere, get in touch with the rhythm of life of the island's inhabitants. Becoming familiar with the customs of the locals will make it easier for you to fit in and make yourself even more welcome. The natives of Crete are very friendly. They honour their commitments, regardless of the difficulty. The staff is always there to help the traveler, and is very caring when handling a problem and solving it.
Religion is of utmost importance on Crete. This Christian island is famous for its festivities during the major festivals. These events are always in full swing, so there is plenty to see and do. Fairs, concerts, all kinds of shows, Crete imbues one with a festive atmosphere.
The traveler should be prepared for the peculiarities of the island institutions. Car owners should be aware, that petrol stations are mainly open till 21-22 o'clock. The phenomenon of 24-hour filling stations is rare, but they can be found. The banks of Crete are open from 8 am till 14 pm, with Saturdays and Sundays off. The tourist areas are crowded with numerous shops. Those who are heading for the shopping have until 22.00, when the shops close. Tourists planning to visit an internet café should know that an hour of use costs on average around 2 Euros. It is important to know something about drinking water: you can't drink water from the tap like in many places in Greece. It is of very poor quality, so prefer bottled water.
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