Kavala the town of colours, stone and history

Right at the foot of Mount Symbol is the small, cosy town of Kavala. The picturesque seaside corner of Greece is built up into an amphitheatre, giving it a special and unique atmosphere. Kavala has preserved its old colourfulness down to the present day. Located in the northeast of the country, near the port of the same name, Kavala is 680 km. away from Athens or 165 km. from Thessaloniki. Opposite the city lies the jewel in the crown of northern Greece, the island of Thassos.
The city of Kavala, the capital of the region of the same name, is Macedonia's second largest city. It is a strategically important port in the north of the Greek state. A modern town with large squares, shopping centres and modern buildings, in its small area, it houses old traditional townhouses next to the gardens of the inhabitants and the narrow streets paved with stone.
Kavala descends from the blue skies over the Old Town, the Imaret, the neoclassical buildings to the fine sandy beaches and the lighthouse by the sea. The town's amphitheatre leads directly to the shore, creating a fabulous landscape that enchants everyone who arrives on the northern coast.
Kavala is an attraction in itself. The unique combination of the future and the past gives travellers the feeling of stopping time in its tracks.
This seamless blend of the grandeur of ancient monuments, a true jewel in the city, and the frenetic rhythm of modernity is not tiresome, but rather relaxing and calming. The natural beauty of Kavala means dense forests, stunning mountain scenes, the clearest azure sea, and tiny islands that draw visitors from all over the world. It has inspired artists of all ages: painters, musicians and poets.
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