Peloponnese a journey through myths, flavours and poems.

The Greek peninsula of the Peloponnese is like an entire country reduced in size. Once here, one discovers everything one would see when travelling around the country: large tourist centres, comfortable comfortable comfortable beaches, mighty mountains, cosy traditional villages, ancient settlements that reveal the past, resorts popular with travellers, cultural monuments and discoveries lurking around every corner.
The plane tree of the Peloponnese (which is the shape of the peninsula) is separated from mainland Greece by the Gulf of Corinth.
More than a million people spread out over 22 small square kilometres. The landscape is mainly mountainous, but fertile plains can also be found. The principal peak of the peninsula is the Taigotos, which is 2407 metres high. The Peloponnesian Mountains are an extension of the ridges on the mainland. The western coast is washed by the Ionian Sea, while the eastern coast touches the Gulf of Mirto.
The peninsula is made up of 7 regions: Achaea, Ilia, Messinia, Laconia, Arcadia, Argolida and Corinthia. Among the largest cities are Sparta, Tripoli, Corinth and several others.
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