Rhodes is love at first sight

One of the most beautiful islands in the world, Rhodes has been capturing the hearts of all who set foot on its soil since ancient times. Tourists from different countries and Greeks themselves fall under the magic of ancient knightly buildings, wide beautiful squares, unique constructions from different periods, religious monuments, as well as charming parks and cosy streets.
Summer is the perfect time to stay in Rhodes, as most days are sunny and the water temperature of the Aegean Sea is ideal for swimming. Here, you can forget all the problems and routines of everyday life - and just soak up the tranquility with every cell of your body. There are plenty of pleasant surprises around every corner.
With an area of a little less than 1500 square kilometres, Rhodes is the largest island of the Dodecanese archipelago, as well as the 4th largest island of Greece, after Crete, Evia and Lesvos. Athens is 350km southeast of Athens, while Rhodes is only 18km from Turkey.
The resort destination is world-renowned for its luxurious hotels, beautiful beaches, wide variety of entertainment and the possibility to find a quiet, tranquil place in the less crowded areas.
Rhodes is sometimes called the Island of Knights. Its history goes back about 2,500 years, but during this time it has not lost its splendor. Emerald hills and valleys, important landmarks, villages that have preserved their original appearance - the island combines everything a tourist expects from a Greek resort.
The city of Rhodes becomes the first view that greets the traveller. It is with this landscape that visitors to the island have associated the whole area for many years.
Rhodes bridges the once past and the modern: the traditions of the Middle Ages are organically woven into the frenetic pace of life and the rapid development of all spheres, as if the city itself had been designed to bridge such distant eras, to make them exist in parallel.
Those who want to take a piece of the island with them will have plenty to choose from. Traditional local products that will surprise even gourmets, such as pickled caper leaves, wines produced by the Emery and Cairo wineries or the small Embona wineries, as well as fine cheese, will make excellent souvenirs.
Tourists wishing to be closer to the centre of the island can choose from the many hotels in or near Rhodes town - Ixia, Ialiso, Kalifaia, Faliraki. The names of these resorts are worth remembering for young travellers, as the local bars, clubs and discos are open all day long, so there's no need to stop the fun for a minute. The essential tourist infrastructure is in place, so you won't have any trouble getting around.
A quiet time in Rhodes is also possible. Just choose a hotel in the area between Rhodes and Lindos, for example, Kolimbia. This is a great place also for families with small children. The accommodation is reasonably priced and you can choose from a wide range of options. Similar conditions have been created in the southern part of the island where new resorts are being established but are not yet inundated with a flood of holidaymakers. Choose either Kalathos or Kiotari and you won't be disappointed with the relaxing, fuss-free beachfront setting. However, these seemingly ideal locations do have the disadvantage of being so far from the centre. But that's not a problem as you can hire a car in Rodos which will not only take you to the main historic and cultural sites, but will get you there in no time at all.
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