the isladn of blue
Santorini is a place where time stands still...
The island of Santorini is considered to be the most beautiful island in the Mediterranean and one of the most beautiful holiday destinations on the planet. It has an amazing landscape, a cosmopolitan atmosphere, a fascinating history, hotels with a high level of service and a style of everyday life that you can only enjoy if you know the secrets of its fabulous existence. When buying a tour to Santorini, you must remember that there are many legends associated with this Greek island: some call it the lost Atlantis, others the Pompeii of the Aegean Sea, where the past meets the future...
There are 330 Orthodox and Catholic churches on the island of Santorini. That is, every third structure on the tiny island is a snow-white church with a blue dome. This, combined with the waters of the Aegean Sea, makes for a wonderfully mesmerising spectacle. To understand the locals' fondness for blue domes and flat belfries, one must try to forget, if only for a few minutes, the bustle that surrounds us in our home metropolises, and try to understand the meaning of 'living on a volcano' literally. After all, the volcano has not fallen asleep for thousands of years, but continues to breathe.... But even though the volcano is considered to be active, the situation on the island is seismically calm.
By the way, Santorini is famous for its unique wines. This is probably because the grapes grow on large rocks, which become heated during the day and release the accumulated heat at night to the vines around them, in order to prevent the wind from blowing them away. The grapes are sun-ripened and made into a sweet wine, 'Vinsanto'.
Holidays in Santorini attract visitors not only by the mesmerizing architecture of the island, but also by the unique play of light. You won't find sunsets like those on the volcanic island of Santorini anywhere else in the world. In the evening, candles are lit everywhere on this dormant volcano and the verandas of houses, which are like white eagles' nests, become a huge spectator hall for the spectacle of a red pulsating ball slowly drifting below the horizon.
There is a centuries-old tradition of weddings in Santorini. Romantic ceremonies are also held on the decks of ancient sailing ships, in cosy halls of local restaurants and cozy hotels overlooking the Caldera.
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